Cinnamoroll rolls into Singapore! (17/5-13/8)

Following a slew of kawaii cafes that have made their appearances all around this little island, one beloved Sanrio character couldn’t stand being left out. So Kumoya, the 1st Halal-certified, Japanese-French cafe, brought him and his friends down for a pop-up cafe event from 17 May – 13 August 2017 to celebrate Cinnamoroll’s 15th anniversary.

For those of you who aren’t sure who/what Cinnamoroll is, it’s the goshdarnly adorable white puppy with long ears with a tail resembling cinnamon roll. As a friend of mine (who’s a huge fan) pointed out countless times, it’s Cinnamo-roll, no N. Just, no.

That aside, let’s talk about the cafe itself! From the end of the alley, I could already spot the baby blue and white colours all over the exterior of the shop. There was also a big photo backdrop featuring Cinnamoroll and two of his friends, Espresso (left) and Chiffon (right). Feel free to take as many selfies/wefies/Insta-worthy shots with these heart-melting trio.

If that’s not enough, there was also a smaller standee next to the only outdoor table for 4, if you’d like to dine al fresco.

Excuse me, is this table for sale? 😍

I went on Sunday, 18 June at about 2pm, but only went in at almost 3pm as I had to wait for my company to arrive. Crowd was steadily streaming in and queue line formed outside this quaint cafe almost the entire time I was there. Can’t be helped since the cafe is considerably small, accommodating probably 30 people comfortably at one go? So do be prepared to wait a little, since guests have up to 90 mins. But with the exterior already this kawaii, your wait would be worthwhile since the inside is like entering the world of all things fuwa-fuwa (fluffy).

Not only the surfaces were chock-full of distinct Cinnamoroll touch, there were also plushies dangling from fluffy cotton clouds, hanging around the cafe.

Say hello to Mocha (below) and Chiffon!

Can you spot Milk at the bottom left corner?

We got seated at table 7, the only big table in the whole cafe which could fit 8 people nicely, maybe even more if you’re all skinny!

Menu-wise, their selections are rather limited yet all tastefully done (as seen on their menu). I prayed that the actual servings live up to expectation as we patiently waited for ours.

I do have to mention that there is a minimum spending of S$10/person. Just a tip, they still sell their standard Kumoya side dishes, they’re good for topping up to that minimum spending or extra serving for the extra hungry.

For my main, I ordered the Fluffy Dreams Japanese Curry Rice (S$21.90++), which was basically Japanese curry, rice, tempura salmon, and mixed salad.

The portion is rather small, especially with the rice rolled up into Cinnamoroll. The taste was alright, I wasn’t expecting much. After all, character cafe is mainly about buying the experience. I appreciate the effort in detailing though, like how they actually cut up the cherry tomatoes and put them together to form heart shapes.

For dessert, I ordered Fly in the Clouds Yuzu Chiffon Cake (S$15.90++).

The blue cotton candy was supposed to be the cloud. Not exactly sure what the fresh cream and berries are supposed to be. Doesn’t matter, as long as Cinnamoroll is in good shape. Again, in terms of taste, I’ve definitely tasted better cakes. It’s a little dry and crumbly. Not sure if it’s the recipe or if it happened only to my batch of cake.

On each table, there was definitely this one star attraction, the Cutie Cutie Special Cinnamoroll Blue Soda (S$14.90++). Boy, that’s a mouthful!

Didn’t try it myself, blue drinks isn’t really my thing. I shan’t say why since I’m sure many of you would love to order this. My friend ordered it and they said it’s pretty sweet. It’s basically blue syrup and nata de coco pieces with a slice of lemon in the cup. The giant Cinnamoroll head is huge poof of cotton candy. There’s a separate jug with the soda water. You need to pour the soda water right through the cotton candy, into the glass. While you do so, the cotton candy will melt along into your drink mixture. You gotta push in the sides as you pour. His cheeks started to droop outside the glass like someone fed him instant-ageing potion.

I’ll tell you this, be quick in taking photos of your lovely looking desserts and drinks that have cotton candy on them. Our cotton candy began melting and sticking together after a couple of minutes, thanks to the wonderful Singapore weather. Aircon didn’t help either.

Spotted these macarons over the counter. Cute!

Well, that’s all about the food. While they’re not fantastic, I enjoyed the entire immersive experience. The ambiance was lovely, the food presentation was well-thought, and of course, the presence of a huggable Cinnamoroll plush on each table was the cherry on top! (silly me forgot to take photo of the plush!)


Kumoya, 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320

12:00pm – 9:30pm (Tue – Fri, Sun)

12:00pm – 10.30pm (Sat)

Kumoya FB

—いちご-ちゃん, checking in!
(All photos taken with iPhone 7+, no filter, with colour correction on select photos)


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